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Audrey Hepburn’s Sons Still Fighting Over Her Possessions

Hollywood icon Audrey Hepburn died in 1993 but her sons are still fighting over the possessions she left to them in her Will.

This highlights the importance of listing in detail what you want to happen to your possessions after your death.

Hepburn’s sons Sean Ferrer and Luca Dotti haven’t been able to come to an agreement over a treasure trove of her clothes, hats, scarves, jewellery, posters and so many more items from her life.

Audrey Hepburn did leave a Will stating that all her possessions were to be divided equally between her two sons, but didn’t state exactly how these items should be divided. This has led to over 20 years of arguments and disagreements which have finally come to a head with a judge having to decide who gets what.

A detailed Will is vitally important to make sure that cases such as this don’t occur. When you write a Will it’s crucial to list anything you think could be fought over by family or friends. If you have a detailed plan of what you would like to happen to your possessions then you reduce the likelihood of arguments.

When you sit down with a solicitor to write your Will, it can make things easier if you already have a list of those who you wish to leave items to, known as your beneficiaries. This could include your partner or spouse, children, family members, friends and charities.

Next you will need to have a list of your assets and roughly what they’re worth. It’s easiest to start with savings and valuable objects as they are usually simple to value. The harder items are those that change in value such as property, investments, your business, and your pension.

Finally, the sentimental items: this is where Audrey Hepburn’s sons are struggling. You may think that your family will be able to agree but it’s hard when items hold special memories for people. Ideally list what you would like people to have - don’t leave it up to your family to decide. You may wish to ask loved ones if there are any items they hold particularly dear.

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