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Operation Hydrant Investigates 1,400 Alleged Sex Offenders

Detectives are investigating 261 celebrities and politicians as part of on-going investigations into child sex abuse.

Operation Hydrant is a coordinated police investigation that acts as a “hub” for a number of separate child abuse investigations by police forces around the UK.

The Operation is investigating 261 “prominent public persons,” including 135 from TV, film or radio, 76 politicians, 43 from the music industry and 7 sportspeople.

More than 650 claims investigated as part of the Operation relate to alleged child sex abuse at institutions. 357 separate institutions have been identified, including 154 schools, 40 religious institutions and 14 medical establishments.

The numbers released are merely a “snapshot in time,” according to Chief Constable Simon Bailey of Norfolk Constabulary, who is leading Operation Hydrant.

Mr Bailey said that referrals are increasing on a daily basis, and has warned that the number of victims could run into the hundreds of thousands.

More Survivors of Abuse are Now Speaking Out

Operation Hydrant revealed a 71% increase in reports of child sex abuse cases since 2012.

Chief Constable Bailey believes that this is down to more alleged victims coming forward, saying "There is no doubt [Jimmy] Savile has had an effect on us. We are dealing with more and more allegations."

Since the Jimmy Savile investigations, Slater and Gordon Abuse Lawyers have represented more and more survivors of child sex abuse who have had the courage to speak out about what they have suffered. They now have confidence that the people who abused them will be brought to justice.

Regarding the sheer number of institutions investigated as part of Operation Hydrant, this has shown again how the mandatory reporting of child abuse should be written into law in order to protect vulnerable children from being abused by people in positions of trust.

Slater and Gordon have commented on BBC News about Operation Hydrant.

We hope that police have enough manpower to do the investigations justice and that they are given the importance they deserve.

Jessica Standley is a Personal Injury Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK, specialising in child abuse claims.

Slater and Gordon have the UK’s most experienced team of Child Abuse Lawyers and are currently representing over 800 survivors of child sex abuse. We have represented over 160 victims of Jimmy Savile and have helped many people claim compensation for abuse suffered in institutions such as hospitals and schools.

For free, completely confidential legal advice call us on 0800 916 9046, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All communication will be dealt with in the strictest of confidence.

Alternatively contact us online and let us know when and where to call you.

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