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Police Urge Motorcyclists to be Extra Safe on UK Roads this Summer

With summer approaching, more motorcyclists are likely to take advantage of the long, warm days and head out onto the roads.

Conditions may be perfect for long rides in the countryside but, with motorcyclists among the most vulnerable road users, police are concerned about a possible increase in motorbike accidents this summer.

Motorcyclists make up just 1% of all traffic on UK roads but account for 19% of all fatal road collisions. 331 motorcyclists died on UK roads in 2013 alone.

How Motorcyclists can Stay Safe

Cambridgeshire Police, who recently ran a THINK! Motorcycle campaign (further information below), have released a safety video which they've called Ride Safe, Stay Safe. The video advises motorcyclists on how to stay safe on the roads, including road junctions. 30 motorcyclists are killed or seriously injured every day in accidents at road junctions.

The THINK! campaign is run by the UK Department for Transport. The THINK! website includes detailed advice on how to stay safe as a motorcyclist, in particular:

Ride defensively – make sure you can anticipate the actions of others and take ‘lifesaver’ glances over your shoulder before any manoeuvres.
Always wear the correct gear – wear bright, fluorescent clothing during the day and reflective gear at night.
Consider further training – the THINK! website has details about further skills training that you can undertake to help you stay safe on the roads. Find out more here.

Britain’s roads are among the safest in Europe. Hopefully, initiatives like this will further improve road safety and awareness, and help reduce the number of motorcycle accidents.

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