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Woman Dies of Kidney Failure After Doctors Misdiagnose Symptoms

A young woman died of kidney failure after doctors misdiagnosed her symptoms as an eating disorder.

The 24 year-old was sent home from Nottingham’s Queens Medical Centre (QMC) without undergoing further tests to diagnose her potentially fatal condition – tests that could have saved her life.

When the woman was admitted to hospital in 2009 suffering with chronic stomach pains during her pregnancy, doctors had initially identified chronic kidney disease but failed to investigate further.

After being discharged from hospital she began feeling unwell. But despite suffering severe vomiting, her GP mistook her symptoms for an eating disorder.

When she underwent a blood test in early 2010, the woman was told her kidneys were at ‘Stage 5' - also known as ‘end stage failure'. She then had an emergency blood transfusion to stabilise her condition as well as an emergency kidney transplant operation in October 2010.

But following the surgery, her health began deteriorating as her body showed signs of rejecting the new kidney. Tragically, her body was found at home by her devastated mother on Boxing Day.

Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a long-term condition where the kidneys fail to function effectively. It is predominantly only seen in older people aged 65 and over, but it can affect anyone.

CKD is most frequently diagnosed through blood and urine tests. Symptoms normally only appear when the disease reaches an advanced stage. Symptoms of advanced kidney disease can include: fatigue, breathlessness, nausea, blood in the urine and swollen ankles, hands and feet due to water retention.

It is extremely sad that this young woman lost her life to a disease that doesn’t normally affect younger people. However, she should never have been discharged from hospital without undergoing further tests to diagnose her renal problems.

As this case so tragically illustrates, delayed diagnosis of potentially fatal diseases such as chronic kidney disease can clearly have disastrous consequences. Put simply, medical practitioners have a duty of care towards their patients and this woman’s condition should never have been missed.

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