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Social Media: Is it a Threat to your Marriage?

Relationships and marriages work in different ways for different people. What people expect from a relationship varies from person to person.

We are however seeing an increase in cases of divorce and relationship breakdown where the use of social media has played a part. In particular the amount of time one or both people are spending on these sites.

Clients often say that their partners were more concerned with spending time on their phones or mobile devices than spending time in the ‘here and now’ with them and their family.

While that may work for some people in many relationships it is leading to conflict with one person feeling that the other is failing to engage properly in the relationship and spending too much time on technology.

In a study conducted by mobile phone company, Nokia, figures show that the average person checks their phone every six and a half minutes. They also discovered that one in four people admit to spending more time online a day than sleeping.

This can lead to one person in the relationship feeling neglected. Or if both of you are using social media to excess it may impact on your ability to communicate together and ultimately the connection you feel to one another.

The other danger of the excessive use of social media is the suspicion it can create. If one of you is suddenly spending large amounts of time online the other may wonder if this is in communication with someone else.

Social networking sites, Twitter, and Facebook have been labelled as more addictive than smoking according to a study conducted by retailer

In some cases, if a relationship suffers due to being neglected and replaced by social media, it can lead to a divorce or separation.

To read more about the effects of social media in terms of divorce, see our previous blog: The "Facebook Divorce" - Be Careful what you Post.

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