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Importer of Hazardous Cot Beds Fined

The importer of potentially fatal cot beds has been fined and received a suspended sentence for failing to check the safety of the product. 

Phillip Dickens, the sole director of Baumhaus Ltd, imported the cots from China relying on Chinese health and safety checks which are not comparable to British standards.

Buckinghamshire Trading Standards were alerted to the potentially deadly design of the cot bed by Louise Conant. Her child video monitoring system caught the moment that her 19-month-old daughter climbed out of her cot and slipped between two rails. She was caught by her neck, dangling off the floor. Luckily Louise was watching the live camera at the time and was able to free her daughter immediately.

Only nine days later another worried mother reported the same cot bed to Trading Standards when she found her son dangling off the floor, jammed by his forehead between the bars.

Trading Standards removed the cot beds and after testing found that they did not comply with British health and safety standards. There were numerous failures in the cot design including potential finger, head and neck entrapment.

During the hearing Judge Holt accepted that Mr Dickens did not intentionally put anyone at risk but was naïve in thinking that the product imported from China was of a sufficient standard for the British market.

All 212 cot beds sold by Bamhaus have now been recalled, and they have received 200 of them to date.

Bamhaus has been fined £12,000 and Mr Dickens has been given a one-year suspended sentence. The Judge also awarded costs of £35,653.94. Both mothers were awarded compensation of £1,000 each.

Faulty and unsafe products cause hundreds of injuries every year in the UK. The Sale of Goods Act and Consumer Protection legislation states that we have the right to buy products that are safe to use and in working order. If this isn’t the case we are entitled to a replacement, repair, or a part or full refund.

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