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Gran Loses Leg after Being Injected with Disinfectant

A grandmother was the victim of a severe case of clinical negligence when her leg was injected with disinfectant, resulting in amputation.

During a routine operation, Gina, a 67 year-old grandmother screamed in agony, confusing surgeons until her skin developed white blotches. An investigation revealed that a catheter wire was accidentally knocked on the floor, leading to a mix-up of solutions and her leg was injected with disinfectant.

The victim described the trauma of waking to find that due to clinical negligence during surgery, her leg had to be amputated by commenting, “I woke up and I went, ‘What’s wrong here?’ I tried to sit up and I couldn’t. Then it hit me I’d lost my leg. I had to come to terms with it. Everything was a challenge.”

Such a case is traumatic enough without the considerable stress and detrimental effect on a victim’s mental wellbeing, as well as those close to them. Gina’s near-death experience has led to an increase in training with the NHS staff learning from the incident and taking extra care to ensure that incidents like this are not repeated.

Slater and Gordon Clinical Negligence Lawyer Stephen Jones commented, “I am pleased that specific NHS training has been put in place highlighting this case to ensure that lessons are learnt from this terrible incident. The absolute priority must be to ensure that incidents like this never happen again.”

Stephen Jones is a Senior Clinical Negligence Lawyer in the Manchester offices of Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK.
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