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Drinking on an Aeroplane: Staying Safe during your Flight

When flying off into the sun, many of us enjoy a drink on the aeroplane to celebrate the start of our holiday. For some passengers though, alcohol on board a flight can cause serious problems – for them and for others.

Our time off from work is precious and none of us want our flight to be ruined by the drunken behaviour of fellow passengers, some of them so bad that they make newspaper headlines around the world. For example in 2011 a New Zealand man urinated in the aisle of a Jetstar flight from Auckland to Singapore because he was too drunk to get to the bathroom.

Even worse is when people become violent on board a plane because of the amount they’ve had to drink. Air rage incidents have tripled since 2011, many of them alcohol-related. In February this year, adult movie actress Tory Lane made headlines when she was drunk on board a US internal flight and allegedly assaulted fellow passengers and a police officer who boarded the plane at Los Angeles airport.

With stories like these making the news more and more, it’s more important than ever for air travellers to understand how to enjoy their flight without any risks to themselves or others. Especially considering that it’s a criminal offence to be drunk on board an aeroplane.

So if you’re flying abroad this year, how can you enjoy a drink on the plane safely?

Don’t overdo it. This might seem obvious but the more alcohol you consume, the more likely it is that you’ll end up doing something stupid that you’ll regret.

Choose an aisle seat. If you’re going to drink alcohol on your flight then think about booking an aisle seat. You may need more frequent trips to the bathroom if you drink alcohol on board a plane and sitting next to the aisle will make things easier for you and your fellow passengers.

Drink water. It’s important to keep well hydrated during a flight as aeroplanes are low-humidity environments. Whilst drinking water won’t make you any less drunk, consider drinking a bottle of water in between alcoholic drinks. The water might fill you up and make you want to drink less alcohol.

Remember the altitude. Alcohol makes you feel dizzy. So does altitude sickness which affects different people in different ways. So, while flying at a high altitude doesn’t actually cause you to be any more drunk it might cause you to feel more drunk because you’re feeling dizzy from both the alcohol and the altitude.

If you are injured in an air rage attack on board a flight you may be entitled to make a personal injury claim against the airline. Under the Montreal Convention claims can be brought for accidents on board an aircraft and an injury sustained by a fellow passenger is classed as an “accident”.

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