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Drink Driving Abroad and Legal Limits

Headed overseas to let your hair down? Driving responsibly saves lives. Knowing the legal limits of your holiday destination will save your overseas dream becoming a nightmare.

Drink-driving has a considerable detrimental effect on your abilities as a driver. Alcohol lowers your awareness and concentration, making it difficult to focus and increasing the chances of you causing a road traffic accident. Recent data revealed that approximately 15% of all deaths from reported road traffic accidents involved at least one driver over the legal alcohol limit.

Though you may not feel intoxicated, alcohol slows your reactions in a way that is dangerous to both yourself and innocent people on the road. Even one drink can make you unfit for driving, and so wherever you are behind the wheel in the world, avoid a holiday accident - don’t drink and drive.

In England and Wales, the UK legal limit is 80 milligrams of alcohol for every 100 millilitres of blood in your body. But what are the limits abroad?


Legal limit = 49mg. For new drivers the limit is just 1mg.


Legal limit = 50mg. Zero tolerance for under 24s.


Legal limit = 50mg.


Legal limit = 50mg


Legal limit = 50mg. Zero tolerance for under 21s and new drivers.

Greece and Cyprus

Legal limit = 49mg. Zero tolerance for new drivers.


Legal limit = 50mg. Limit for drivers with a license under two years old is 20mg.


Legal limit = 51mg. Zero tolerance for under 21s and new drivers.


Legal limit = 80mg.

The Netherlands

Legal limit = 50mg. Limit for drivers with a license under five years old is 20mg.


Legal limit = 50mg. Limit for drivers with a license under two years old is 30mg.


Legal limit = 50mg.


Legal limit = 20mg.

United States

General limit of 80mg. Zero tolerance for drivers under 21.

See Tips for Driving Abroad.

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