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Newcastle to Receive £10million to Make Cycling Safer

Newcastle is to receive £10million over three years to improve the life of cyclists in the city and cycling campaigners couldn’t be happier.

This boost comes as part of the UK Government’s plans to make £77million available for eight cities in the country. The aim is to expand and improve cycle routes to make it a safer option for people using the roads in and around large cities.

In Newcastle campaigners have been battling to get certain roads upgraded for cyclists so they are very happy to hear that the John Dobson Street proposals include a segregated two-way cycle track alongside widened pavements and road crossing for pedestrians. The plans also include extra cycle parking and improved road surfaces.

The Government are really pushing for increased cycle use like that of the Netherlands. Research has shown that if the UK became a cycling nation like Denmark or the Netherlands it could reduce road deaths by 30%, save the NHS £17 billion within 20 years, increase mobility of the nation’s poorest families by 25% and increase retails sales by a quarter.

At the moment roads can be hazardous for cyclists, pedestrians and vehicle drivers. Every year around 19,000 cyclists are killed or injured on British roads and there are plenty more incidences that are not reported. Most Cycling Accidents happen in urban areas and more often than not at junctions. The most common contributory factor recorded by the police is “failed to look properly” either by the cyclist (43%) or the driver (57%).

A massive monetary boost to large cities can only be a good thing and will make life a lot safer for all road users.

Personal Injury Solicitor and cyclist Richard Allbeson at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Newcastle welcomed the announcement, “I cycle to work and look forward to the day when it is possible to cycle to our offices on Northumberland Road on a dedicated cycle route”.

Richard is a Senior Personal Injury Solicitor specialising in cycling accident claims and is a member of British Cycling.

For a free consultation about how to claim compensation for a cycling accident injury call freephone 0800 916 9046 or contact us online and we will call you.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are one of the largest personal injury law firms in the UK, with more than 1,450 staff in 18 offices across London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Milton Keynes, Bristol, Cambridge, Cardiff, Edinburgh, Halifax, Newcastle, Wakefield, Merseyside, Derby and meetings rooms in Bramhall, Cheshire and in Hull, Yorkshire.

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