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Food Poisoning Ruins British Family’s All-Inclusive Holiday in Egypt

Nothing is more disappointing than taking a holiday in order to rest and relax with the family away from work only to spend that time locked in the bathroom too ill to enjoy it.

That is what happened to a family who recently stayed at the Sonesta Beach Resort in Sharm El Sheikh in Egypt. The father of the family was victim to the sub-standard hygiene in the kitchens of the all-inclusive resort.

33-year-old pilot Alex Comley and his wife were looking forward to a first family holiday with their son before Alex was struck with crippling stomach pains from Salmonella. The family holiday was sadly ruined as Alex was unable to leave their room due to frequent diarrhoea and vomiting. To make matters worse the Pilot was unable to return to work for EasyJet for more than a month after returning to the UK.

When there are problems with food hygiene it often affects a significant number of people. Most of the Food Poisoning Compensation Claims we deal with for holiday makers involve all-inclusive resorts, which provide all the food and drink that their guests consume away from home, like at the Sonesta Beach Resort. To avoid getting ill on holiday from food poisoning you can opt for food that is freshly made and if in doubt, don’t eat it!

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