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England’s Population Has Risen Dramatically Due to Immigration from EU

A new report released by the University of Oxford has found that the population of England has risen by 565,000 since 2011, with the main cause attributed to immigration from the European Union.

The figures show that the population of every local authority in the country has risen but the greatest change has been in London. Almost 3.2million people in the capital were born abroad which is 200,000 more than the last census.

Many people come to the UK from the European Union due to financial hardships in their own country. This has been the contributory factor for many people in recent years. There is free movement across the EU which means that anyone can choose the country they wish to work, study or retire in.

Free movement rights are limited though. Workers have full rights to move whereas those just looking to live in a country have more restrictions. The same goes for those who are not employed. Any stay beyond three months is limited to those who are workers, students, self-employed or self-sufficient.

Those who are not working or seeking work in the UK are required to have sufficient resources to support themselves and their families to avoid becoming a burden on the social assistance scheme and are required to have comprehensive medical insurance.

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