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Animal Attacks Abroad and Travel Insurance

Winter is almost behind us, though Manchester has classically decided to mark the end of winter daylight saving time by raining. With the cold drizzle in mind and the Easter break upon us, many Britons may be planning a trip.

Whether planning a city break or a family holiday with the kids on holiday from school, accidents can and will happen no matter how self-aware and cautious, but with regard to wild animals it is wise to expect the unexpected.

There are many potential holiday destinations for animal lovers abroad, from whale-spotting to safaris, petting zoos, and tour guides of tropical islands and beaches to visit the local wildlife. The key term here is wildlife, with travellers and holiday-goers paying to gander at exotic creatures in their natural habitats.

Take Thailand’s monkey beach, for an example. Tours to visit the Phi Phi beach are easily accessible, advertised everywhere – if not yelled in your face by a local entrepreneur. Tourists travel by the boatload all day every day to visit the idyllic beach where the local inhabitants – hundreds of sun-bathing monkeys await, somewhat indifferent to their human guests, or at least the ones not offering food. But where there are people entering the natural habitat of wild animals, the probability of animal attacks is not as low as most would like to think.

In addition to this, with a lack of compulsory insurance for many tour groups, and no insurance for many unauthorised local tour guides, if you’re injured in an animal attack overseas pursuing a compensation claim can be very difficult.

Though it would be difficult to prepare for an animal attack abroad, preparations can certainly be made before heading overseas. Firstly, in the event of such an animal attack, it is important that you know your emergency contacts when overseas. Secondly, but of great importance, is travel insurance covering animal attacks abroad. Accidents can happen during the most well-planned trips and adequate travel insurance is essential in covering the costs of accidents overseas, animal attacks, loss of belongings and trip cancellation.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers UK are experts in securing compensation in holiday accident claims.

For a free consultation after an injury whilst on holiday you can call us on freephone 0808 175 8000 or from abroad on +44 20 7657 155. Alternatively you can contact us online and we will call you.

Slater and Gordon Lawyers are a leading personal injury law firm with 1,450 staff and 18 offices in London, Manchester, Liverpool, Birmingham, Sheffield, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Milton Keynes, Merseyside, Bristol, Newcastle, Halifax, Wakefield, Derby, Cambridge and meeting rooms in Bramhall, Cheshire and in Hull, Yorkshire.

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