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Tips for First-Time Cruisers

With more people choosing cruises for their holidays than ever before, we’ve drawn up a few tips for first time cruisers to keep in mind so that your holiday is plain sailing once you’re on board.

The popularity of cruises has increased by a whopping 77% over the last decade, with demand rising from 12 million to 21.3 million passengers.

Book Excursions through a Trusted Source

If your sights are set on an excursion during your cruise, it is advisable to book through a trustworthy source that you know won’t let you down.

If your cruise line or travel agent advise against independent tour operators, it’s not just to get your business. Cruise liners and travel agents make suggestions based on experience of their tour operators, having carried out thorough investigations before going into business, so you know that they can be trusted. Remember also that you can benefit from added protection if you book your excursion as part of your package holiday, giving you a right of redress against the tour operator.

Do Your Research

With the popularity of cruises at an all-time high you will not be stuck for choice. There are many travel compare websites and agencies available to you, eliminating the need to take the first option that comes your way.

Consider your options and make a list of what you want and don’t want based on your own preferences and limitations. The more of the picture you paint in your preparations before booking, the closer your cruise will be to the luxurious image you have in mind – so there are no surprises when you get there.

A little bit of research can go a long way to help avoiding the kinds of surprises that often lead to Cruise Ship Accident Claims.

Finding Your Sea Legs

Some people are reluctant to cruise because of seasickness. Don’t be. Studies suggest causes of seasickness are from the feeling of disorientation with the ship moving against your body’s natural inclination for balance. Others reveal it can affect you by suggestion, and convincing yourself of symptoms.

There are several drug remedies that are widely recommended, as well as drug-free remedies such as Sea-Band wristbands, green apples, ginger and crackers to counter feelings of nausea.

The most highly recommended cure for seasickness is to find your sea legs by acclimatising yourself to your surroundings and the motion of the ship. Take it a step at a time to find your balance, and with time, some sea air and sun should help you forget all about your seasickness.

In the Event of Cruise Ship Accident or Sickness

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Immediate legal representation and rehabilitation support are anywhere in the UK.

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