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Pre-Nuptial Agreements and Whirlwind Romances

It’s sad but true that marriage often does not stand the test of time, but are the proceedings following a separation the same when the relationship is of a relatively short amount of time?

Presently making headlines is the subject of former supermodel Jodie Kidd’s split from her husband following just 4 months of marriage for which I was asked to comment in the Daily Mail as a Family Law & Divorce Solicitor.

In August, Kidd - a participant in upcoming celebrity daredevil show The Jump – told Hello! Magazine, “As soon as David and I met, I went through a huge 360 in my mind and thought, “that’s it, we’re going to spend the rest of our lives together.” It’s not uncommon for a relationship to break down for whatever reason, be it unforeseen circumstances, or a response to an overwhelming change in lifestyle. Certainly the Dissolution of such a relatively brief relationship is an exponentially emotional time for both parties involved. But what happens when a marriage is a matter of weeks and months as opposed to years?

It’s often thought that a short marriage can be annulled, but in England and Wales that is not the case. Also, if a marriage is consummated there are unlikely to be grounds for annulment. In England and Wales a couple must be married a year before divorce proceedings can begin. In this sense it can take newlyweds longer to officially separate than those that have been together for a long time who can get a ‘quickie divorce’ in a matter of months.

As with any Separation, there is the matter of dividing assets. Pre-nuptial agreements can alleviate a large portion of stress following the whirlwind of a four month marriage, but generally the Court will endeavour to put the parties back to where they were pre-marriage when dividing assets.

Liz Cowell is a Senior Family Law & Divorce Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

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