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Large Amount of Asbestos Found at School in Wales

The cost of a new school project in Cardiff, South Wales has sky-rocketed upon the “unforeseeable” discovery of asbestos.

During inspection by surveyors, a “significant” amount of Asbestos was found in the flooring of Llanederyn High School. The old school building was to be demolished as part of plans for new playing fields and pitches at St Teilo’s High School, an on-going project since 2011. 

The planned cost of demolishing the building was £150,000, but with the discovery of asbestos materials, the cabinet for Education and Skills have agreed to meet the £1.2 million that it will now cost Cardiff council to remove the asbestos. 

Cardiff council’s Education Director, Nick Batchelar, named the asbestos in the underground ducting of the property “highly unusual,” commenting, “Early and intrusive asbestos surveys should be taken as soon as possible and risk allowance should be built in to similar projects.” 

Cardiff council approved the removal of the asbestos, following the huge rise in cost for the necessary playing fields and pitches for the new St Teilo’s High School, with Lib Dem leader Councillor Judith Woodman calling for tighter checks on asbestos in buildings. 

Dangerous Exposure to Asbestos 

Most severe, above the matter of a new playing field, is the nearby-exposure of school children to an unsafe building contaminated by asbestos. 

Asbestos was previously used for insulation due to its natural properties of strength and heat resistance, but was eventually banned for the carcinogenic effects of asbestos dust. 

From the 1930s to the 1970s millions of people were exposed to Asbestos at work as its use in the construction, shipbuilding and aircraft industries was widespread. Many employers knew about the dangers of Asbestos but did not adequately protect their employees, employees’ families or local residents from being exposed to Asbestos dust or fibres. 

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