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About Shared Parental Leave in England & Wales

It has long been the assumption in England & Wales that the mother of a child is the one to be the ‘stay at home’ mum, but this is about to change.

The current situation consists of the mum taking maternity leave for any length of time during a 12 month period. The dad is allowed to take paternity leave for a 2 week period after the birth and can also use any holidays alongside it. 

A lot of people think that in the first two weeks after a baby is born, especially if the mum is breastfeeding, the dad doesn’t really have a great deal of opportunity to get ‘stuck in’, so to speak. Then when the dad goes back to work, the mum is then left to care for baby and do all the household chores with lack of sleep leaving her exhausted by the time dad comes home from work. 

All this perception and opinion is about to change. From April 2015 the UK Government is introducing Shared Parental Leave to allow couples to have an equal part to play in their child’s life from the off and also to ensure career options are open to both parents. 

This new shared parental leave will allow working families to have more choice about how they balance their work life with childcare commitments. Parents will be able to choose if they want to be at home together or go to work at different times so they can share the care of their child. 

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