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Health and Safety at Work Claims Explained

If you are injured in an accident at work then there are health and safety laws in place which mean that you may well have a claim for compensation against your employer.

Whilst this won’t take away the pain and suffering of your injury, it could at least help to give you financial support and other help at a time when you need them the most.

People are always talking about the so-called ‘health and safety culture’ but what this means in reality when it comes to your workplace is that the law is there to protect you.

In fact it places very specific health and safety obligations on your employer and breach of these may potentially be used as evidence of a breach of their common law duty of care. These range from ensuring that the workplace is safe, to providing correct training where you might be having to carry a load around and ensuring, where it is needed, that you are provided with protective equipment.

In addition, the employer has a more general duty to all people who come to the workplace to take reasonable care for their safety. So, depending upon the circumstances of the accident, even where someone isn’t an employee they may still be able to claim compensation if they are injured when visiting a workplace. This could be for example through slipping on a floor due to water or grease, being hit by something falling on them or tripping and falling due to an uneven surface or a hole in the floor.

One of the worst things about getting injured at work is that not only can it result in pain and suffering but it can also potentially cause you to lose your job. If this is the case then you can claim compensation for this as well as for a general sum for the injury itself.

What’s more a compensation claim can also be made for any other out of pocket expenses and any future expenses which might arise as a result of the effects of the injury.

Above all, don’t just assume it’s something that you can’t do anything about as the law is there quite specifically to protect you if you are injured in a workplace.

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