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Charles Napier Sentenced to 13 Years Imprisonment

Charles Napier, former teacher at a West Sussex preparatory school was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment following his guilty pleas.

Napier was described by acting Detective Chief Inspector Keith Braithwaite as an “arrogant, controlling and manipulative individual who has shown no remorse for the serious sexual offences he committed against young and vulnerable victims”.

He is known to have exploited opportunities using his employment and standing within society to commit what is believed to be hundreds of offences throughout most of his adult life.

As the cell door closed on Napier the 21 victims of abuse who came forward were rightfully praised by the Judge, the Prosecution and the Police. Napier at least spared his 21 victims the ordeal of having to give their evidence in Court. However, despite his pleas, Judge Nicholas Loraine-Smith imposed a lengthy term of imprisonment demonstrating how seriously the courts view offences of this nature.

It is often at the end of criminal proceedings victims consider whether or not they have any form of redress under civil law. The criminal proceedings have resulted in Napier being brought to justice however in sexual abuse cases like these many feel that the school should have some responsibility and this can be explored through a sexual abuse claim.

The specialist team of Abuse Solicitors at Slater and Gordon Lawyers have many years of experience in pursuing claims for victims of sexual abuse and are currently pursuing a number of claims for victims who have been abused by their teachers.

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