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Positive Changes for Victims of Domestic Violence

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

BBC TV programme Panorama aired a show last week which highlights a new initiative trailed by the Hampshire Constabulary in which police officers wear ‘body worn video cameras’, in an attempt to capture and record scenes of, and following, domestic violence.

It is hoped that the footage caught by these cameras will assist with prosecuting perpetrators of domestic violence.

The majority of victims of domestic violence are too scared to report the incident, especially as a large proportion of victims are assaulted by loved ones. This often places victims in a difficult position whereby they are too worried to report the incident and fear that in reporting the incident they will risk a further episode of violence, with worse consequences.

The body worn video cameras have allowed Police to capture the behaviour and damage caused immediate following an incident. It is not usually the victim who contacts the police, but a neighbour, or concerned friend. Therefore the victim is often placed in a position where they do not want to make a statement or pursue matters against the perpetrator of the violence.

Panorama’s main case study was that of Dawn Marmoy, whose husband has since been convicted of incidents involving domestic violence following the Police attending her property wearing body worn video cameras. The video footage allowed Police to record the horrific bruising Dawn suffered shortly after the attack, and assisted in convicting Dawn’s husband. Furthermore, Dawn confirms within the Panorama episode that she felt more able to pursue the matter as the Police has video evidence of the after effects of the violence which could be shown in court.

Victims of domestic violence can also seek help through specialist Domestic Violence Solicitors and can make urgent applications to the court for a non-molestation order to help protect them from the perpetrator of the violence.

The courts can make interim orders to provide protection to victims of domestic violence and here, at Slater and Gordon Lawyers, this is something we have expertise in. At Slater and Gordon we appreciate that sometimes you may need to make a quick call to speak to us and as a victim of domestic violence you may not be able to visit a solicitor. We provide a flexible and supportive service to all our clients, but are acutely aware of the additional vulnerability of victims of domestic violence.

For more information call our Domestic Violence Solicitors on freephone 0800 916 9055 or contact us online and we’ll be happy to help.

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