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Making a Claim If You Are Injured Working Abroad

If you are injured working outside of the UK then depending upon the circumstances you may well have a claim for compensation.

The thing about having a work injury abroad is that not only does it have the usual consequences such as pain, suffering and potentially being unable to work but it can also bring extra uncertainty if you are in unfamiliar surroundings.

However, when the company you work for is registered or has a place of business in England or Wales then it may well be that a compensation claim can be brought in England/Wales rather than having to worry about the complications of trying to make a claim in a foreign court.

But even if the company you work for is based abroad and has no connection with the UK, you may still potentially have a claim which can be brought in that particular country using that country’s laws. So it can still be very much worth investigating even in those circumstances.

If you do have a claim which can be brought in England/Wales then you may potentially receive compensation not only for your injury itself but also for the expenses associated with it and any other financial losses which it might have caused. So, if you are unable to work, then you might potentially be able to claim compensation for your loss of earnings covering both those in the past and also possibly stretching into the future. 

In addition to that, you may also be able to claim compensation for disability aids, rehabilitation and other things which can at least ease your suffering.

All of which goes to emphasise that wherever you were injured working abroad, it would still be a good idea to investigate further whether or not you might have a claim for compensation. 

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