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Cyclist Has 7 Hour Operation after Hitting a Pothole

The perils of potholes on Britain's roads were demonstrated in a recent case involving a cyclist who nearly died and had to endure a seven-hour medical operation after hitting a pothole.

Our client, who is in his 60s, suffered a catalogue of injuries including a shattered pelvis, a collapsed lung, a broken back, three broken ribs and a broken collarbone after the front wheel of his bike was caught in a deep crack dubbed by local cyclists as “the beast” because of its depth and danger.

During the case, it transpired that the pothole had been reported to the Local Authority twelve months previously but it had not been repaired.

For our client, although his battle is far from over as he continues to recover from his injuries; his claim for compensation highlights the dangers of potholes and the accidents which can occur as a result.

The majority of our cycling accident cases that involve Serious Injuries caused by potholes, are entirely avoidable if potholes are reported and those reports are acted upon by Local Authorities.

In this case, our Personal Injury Lawyers stated that the Council owed a duty of care not just to our client but to all road users, cyclists and pedestrians.

Let’s hope that during this winter Local Authorities take heed of the perils of potholes when they are reported, so as to avoid any further accidents like the one suffered by our client.

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