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Tesco: Shareholder Right of Action

Yesterday Tesco took the drastic step of suspending four senior executives after it emerged that the company overstated its expected first-half profits by £250 million.

After the extraordinary miscalculation emerged, Tesco shares fell by 11.6% to 203p, the lowest share price since March 2003, with over £1.5 billion wiped off the retailer market value of the company.

With Tesco now calling in independent accountants and lawyers to try to determine how the miscalculation occurred, many shareholders may be questioning if they have a legal right of action against Tesco for the massive loss to their investments.

While the relevant facts in relation to Tesco have yet to emerge, investors can take action against a company if they suffer a financial loss as the result of negligent accounting practices by company employees. Any compensation awarded would include damages for the loss suffered, calculated with reference to the expected share price, and interest.

Such legal actions are common in the U.S., however due to the complex nature of the process it is important that investors in the UK take specialist legal advice.

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Craig McAdam is a Group Litigation Lawyer at Slater and Gordon in Manchester.

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