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Asbestos Dumped on Surrey Wildlife Common

Earlier this month bags containing asbestos material were dumped near a Guildford pond on the beautiful Surrey Wildlife Common and the local council, Guildford Borough, is investigating the report.

The Council believes the bags were left about a metre away from the pond along Keen’s Lane on Chitty’s Common in Worplesdon.  The Council subsequently marked the bags with yellow tape warning of asbestos before they were removed.

A spokesman for the borough council said they were looking for any information relating to suspicious vehicle movements seen in the area around Sunday July 28 & Monday July 29.  “We are aware of the issue and it has been passed onto our specialist asbestos removal contractors to deal with.  There is very little indication as to where this asbestos came from and who left it there.”

Surrey Wildlife Trust said it was also aware of the asbestos, and warned of the dangers of fly-tipping in general.  “Asbestos fibres are so small that they cannot be seen by the naked eye or even by normal household microscopes, but when asbestos is dumped and released into the environment it contaminates the air, where it can be inhaled, water, where it can be ingested, and soil. 

Fly-tipping can be harmful to wildlife and the environment, as animals can get stuck inside discarded waste, and chemicals in items such as paint, battery acid and pesticide and leach into the ground and waterways.

It has been reported that up until February this year, there had been more than 5,600 incidents of fly-tipping reported in Guildford in the previous five years. Asbestos is usually safe if undamaged or undisturbed, but any removal of asbestos must be undertaken by a qualified asbestos removal specialists.

Sadly, exposure to asbestos can cause many years later the development of asbestos related diseases, including fatal Mesothelioma.

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