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Thinking of Marriage? Make Sure You Protect Your Legal Rights

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

According to The Times, more and more couples are getting the urge to make the legal, public commitment that is marriage; especially the over-65s.

The Office for National Statistics has confirmed that weddings are increasing in all age groups, most of all between 65 to 69 year olds.

So why are the number of weddings blooming, especially in this particular age group when the stigma of cohabitation doesn’t seem to exist anymore and yet the divorce rate is still steady?

It is suggested that in social society people still like the word “married”; making that public pledge helps to focus the mind. People like tradition and something solid. For the over-65s marriage provides them with the commitment to share lifelong memories into old age. It could be that there are more romantics at heart within this age group, wanting to do “the right thing”. For many, having that legal commitment also makes it more difficult to drift away in the challenging times. Putting a ring on it is a reminder of the promises made to each other and that they are to stick together in sickness and in health.

Despite the soar in people tying the knot, according to the statistics the only figure which remains the steadying influence is that 42% of marriages still end in divorce. Surely the D word remains a powerful disincentive for many, especially when they hear the horror stories of messy drawn out divorces going through the Family Court? Whilst it may be a deterrent for many, the savvy are entering into Pre-Nuptial Agreements prior to the ceremony in an attempt to protect themselves and their assets from going through such an experience.

Everyone is different, however the statistics don’t lie and whilst the Divorce rate remains high, the sound of wedding bells is getting louder.

Georgina Chase is a Family & Divorce Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers in Manchester.

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