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Turner’s Asbestos Mill Fire Residents Not to Expect Health Effects

Despite Rochdale Council undertaking air monitoring tests, it confirmed and reassured local residents that they would not suffer any adverse health effects from the recent blaze at the Turner’s asbestos mill on 31 January. This was despite the air monitoring results being released four hours early!

Those in the local community are all too aware of the hazardous and deadly asbestos that Turner Brothers Asbestos Company (now known as Turner & Newell) manufactured and produced, at the site of the world's largest asbestos textile factory. The site was sold in 2004 to a potential property developer to build an “urban village” but local residents have been in protest over the development due to the historically significant amount of asbestos on the site.

The Save Spodden Valley campaign has again raised concerns when the site was recently ablaze in January 2014. It says that any comment by the Council or even the developer to suggest that the site is safe, is a spin. Jason Addy, chairman of the campaign group says the councils actions are “unsubstantiated nonsense.”

Slater and Gordon has represented hundreds of people who worked at Turner & Newell, their families and local residents. Helen Wilson, Slater and Gordon Chest & Asbestos Disease Group Solicitor reiterates the concerns.

“This site is known to everyone in the area as riddled with asbestos. Until a systematic plan to analyse, manage and remove the asbestos has been implemented, fires like the one on 31 January 2014 will continue to concern local residents as to the amount of asbestos being released into the vicinity.

Both the local Council and the owner/developer of the site must take action to reassure local residents that the asbestos issue is under control. I continue to date to represent families of loved ones who worked for Turner and Newell and the issue is very much a live one for these people.

Anyone exposed to asbestos should register this potential exposure as soon as possible. Slater and Gordon maintain a National Asbestos Register and we advise you to contact Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 to register any asbestos exposure.”

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