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Pope to Review Debate on Remarried Catholics Receiving Communion

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

There is currently a lot of debate about whether the current ban on remarried Catholics receiving communion should be lifted. This is a very sensitive area and a change would be a powerful shift from the Vatican.

A Catholic Church will not currently remarry people who are divorced unless they have their marriage annulled, which is only possible in some circumstances.

Divorced Catholics are still welcome to participate fully in Church as long as they have not remarried against Church law.

A decree of nullity, is a finding by a Church tribunal that on the day vows were exchanged at least one element for a valid marriage was missing e.g. one of the parties did not intend to be faithful. The Vatican has recently launched a survey to ascertain the views of the parishioners as to whether it's time for change and the Pope has promised to listen to the reports findings.

With divorce on the increase, and a reported five million Catholics in the UK, maybe it's time for the religion to adapt to the current changes in family lifestyles.

Changing the doctrine could arguably undermine the institution of marriage, which will no doubt ignite heated debates between traditionalists and reformers.

By Lorraine Harvey, a Senior Family & Divorce Solicitor at Slater and Gordon Lawyers.

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