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Grimsby Fly-Tipper Caught Dumping Asbestos Thanks to Public Appeal

Thanks to the efforts of the Grimsby Telegraph and the North East Lincolnshire Council in conjunction with other agencies, a fly-tipping offender has been caught illegally dumping tones of dangerous asbestos material in Grimsby. 

The Council has indicated that over several months it has been tracing people undertaking this illegal act. In this Council alone, fines can be up to £20,000.00 for such dumping and may even lead to a prison sentence.

The illegal dumping or any dumping of asbestos is of great concern, not only for those who are dumping the material but also for the wider community. The release of asbestos fibres into the environment can expose those within the vicinity to this deadly material. Precautions must always be taken when handling asbestos and sadly, when it is the illegal dumping of it, these precautions are rare.

Slater and Gordon Asbestos Compensation Solicitor David Cass reiterates the concern of those exposed to the deadly asbestos fibres saying;

“The dumping of asbestos without undertaking the correct precautions is a recipe for danger for all concerned. Needless to say, residents could be exposed to this toxic material and ensuring that the community is aware of the dangers of asbestos is essential. It is encouraging to see that the local Council is ensuring any exposure is reduced to the community and it is pro-active in ensuring that those who commit this illegal act pay the consequence.

Anyone who believes that there is the illegal dumping of asbestos within their community should contact their local council as soon as possible. A number of resources are generally available on local council websites including the North East Lincolnshire Council website.

Anyone who has been exposed to asbestos should register their exposure as soon as possible. If you believe you have been exposed to asbestos please contact Dominic Smith on 0161 383 3527 to register.”