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Father committed for contempt for breach of order to file Form E

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

In Ball v Shepstone [2013] EWCC 6 (Fam), Mr Shepstone failed to appear at the committal hearing. HHJ Everall QC found him guilty of contempt of court by failing to comply with the order and committed him to prison for 14 days.

The order was suspended to permit Mr Shepstone to serve the Form E in the interim. It is not known whether he has done so.

It’s surprising how some people completely ignore the court timetable. When proceedings are issued a party is given 2 months notice to prepare their financial documents on a form referred to as a Form E.

The purpose of the timetable is so that the parties can consider the information and decide whether there needs to be further evidence before the court hearing. Simply falling to adhere to the timetable frustrates the court timetable and can waste costs.

Hopefully in this case the husband complied and avoided prison however it’s certainly a lesson to be learnt for parties who believe that they can simply ignore the Courts.

By Family Law Solicitor Lorraine Harvey

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