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Working with Asbestos? Get the Right Respiratory Protection!

For workers exposed to Asbestos & Silica dust, fume and/or fibres, it's critically important that the right face mask is provided to protect them.

One size does not necessarily fit all. Too often, employers simply get a box of masks and keep them in the stores for workers to collect.

However, with high hazard dusts and fibres such as Asbestos and Silica, workers need a “face fit test” to check that the mask that they are wearing is suitable for them. A poorly fitting face mask will permit airborne fibres and dust to be breathed in and provide minimal protection.

What is worse is that it can also give workers a misplaced sense of security resulting in actually increasing their exposure.

A “face fit test” must be carried out by a competent tester, which can be done inside the company or by an outside specialist. By example, a common method of testing is to use a bitter or sweet tasting aerosol to see whether the worker can sense the taste.

If you wear a mask at work, make sure it does the job.

By Simon Allen, a Personal Injury Solicitor specialising in industrial disease claims based in our Sheffield office.

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