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"Compensation Not Constipation" & Other Toilet Injury Claims...

An article in the Daily Mirror yesterday about an "exploding toilet" and other unusual injuries had me thinking back through the years that I've been dealing with all kinds of personal injury claims.

Cases which I have dealt with that could make similar headlines include:

A man went into the toilet at work to find that the lock was broken, so whilst performing his deeds, he blocked entry by stretching out his foot onto the door. He was later found unconscious on the floor after another employee, who thought the door was stuck, kicked open the door and the man insides' knee propelled into his forehead and knocked him out!

A man went into his redundancy meeting, sat down on a swivel chair only for the mounting to burst through the seat causing very serious "personal" injuries.

A lady working on the factory floor was walking along when her hair blew up and into an overhead conveyor belt. She ran under the conveyor until it disappeared into a wall, at which stage she was partially scalped.

The fact is that no matter what you do there is always a risk of suffering from an injury at work that is not your fault.

I can tell you an injury related story for virtually any scenario that you could ever conceive. Sadly many of these cases have involved life changing injuries.

I have blogged regularly in the past about Health & Safety legislation. HM Government have decided through recent legislative enactment that breaches of the workplace regulations cannot be enforced in personal injury cases; which dilutes their impact.

I cannot imagine anyone wanting to return to the days when health and safety was an afterthought. What seems to be forgotten is that only the cases where there has been a failure to take sufficient care for the safety of others, are cases where liability will attach and compensation paid.

Thousands of work accidents will result in no legal liability arising and no constipation awarded. Yes you read that correctly... I was recently on the phone advising a man about a work accident claim, only to hear his wife in the background shouting "compensation, not constipation". It seemed fitting to mention this whilst on the toilet theme....

Jonathan Belcham is a Personal Injury Lawyer and Senior Litigation Executive at Slater and Gordon.

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