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Personal Injury Solicitor advises on the dangers your feet face at work

Did you know that the effect of stepping on a raw concrete floor is the same as hitting the sole of your foot with a hammer?

It’s surprising but true, explains Personal Injury Solicitor Simon Allen.
The Canadian safety organisation, CCOHS, has recently provided guidance to employers to combat the risk of injury to workers who are on their feet for long periods during their working day.

Continuous standing can cause :

  • The joints of bones in the feet to become misaligned
  • Inflammation which may lead to arthritis or rheumatism
  • Tiring of the feet.

To avoid such problems an employer should therefore consider:

  1. Allowing a worker to change position when performing the task
  2. Providing workstations with footrests
  3. If the job entails a lot of standing then a seat should be available for resting purposes
  4. Advising workers on suitable footwear which grips the heel firmly and is roomy enough for easy movement of the toes.

The answer to the problem of concrete floors is to look to other surfaces such as wood, rubber or matting. This is, of course, not always possible.  

Accident statistics show that the main source of injury to the body is the upper limbs, but it is encouraging to see this advice which hopefully encourages us not to forget that our feet are valuable too and should be looked after.