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Our Sexual and Physical Abuse Solicitors on BBC Scotland allegations

Our Sexual & Physical Abuse Solicitors discuss how it has recently been reported that allegations of sexual abuse have been made against several members of staff at BBC Scotland. It is unclear whether the allegations have come to light due to victims contacting the BBC or through internal inquiries. The information was revealed following an anonymous freedom of information request.

The BBC revealed in May 2013 that 150 allegations of a sexual nature had been made against 81 BBC employees since October 2012. The BBC has confirmed that the content is accurate but have not provided any further information.  

In May 2013 the BBC commented that they were “appalled” by the allegations of harassment and abuse that had emerged since the Savile investigation and advised that a series of reviews were underway. The purpose of the reviews is to investigate whether there are any issues with the current culture within the BBC and also to assess the previous culture and practices in order to prevent abuse from happening in the future.  

An independent review into the culture and practices of the BBC during the years that Jimmy Savile was at the BBC is currently ongoing and has been since October 2012. The report is expected later this year. The Dame Janet Smith Review aims to hear evidence from any victims who were subject to inappropriate sexual conduct by Jimmy Savile or those who raised concerns over Jimmy Savile’s conduct with the BBC. The review also intends to examine whether the BBC’s child protection and whistleblowing policies are fit for purpose. We urge any victims of abuse linked to the BBC to report it to the review.

We hope that all allegations of abuse, whether current or in the past, are properly investigated by the BBC. There are lessons to be learnt by the BBC in order prevent incidents of abuse in the future. It is vital that going forward, members of staff and others visiting the BBC are properly protected.  

At Slater and Gordon we currently represent over 70 Savile victims along with a number of other abuse cases involving schools, children’s homes and other institutions. We are familiar with the issues raised in these types of cases and are keen to speak to anyone who has been affected by this story. If you would like to contact us please call a member of our team on 020 7657 1658 for free confidential advice.