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Driving Offences Solicitor Paul Reddy on blind mans dangerous driving ban

By Practice Group Leader, Road Traffic Defence

Brian Gillon, 33 very kindly loaned the car belonging to his father to a blind man to drive. Gillon received exactly the same disqualification period as the driver, Mr Keatings, for ‘permitting use without insurance’ and ‘aiding/abetting driving whilst unfit through blindness’. He also received an additional 200 hours community service which Mr Keatings did not.

Once I got over the shocking facts of this story, my second thought was whether the friend had been prosecuted.

Whilst the facts of this particular story are extreme, it highlights an important Driving Offences legal point that all motorists should be aware of. Namely if person A, knowingly or recklessly allows or permits person B to drive person A’s car or vehicle, without checking that person B has a valid licence or insurance, then person A is equally guilty of ‘permitting use without a valid licence/insurance’ and would face the exact same sentence, if not worse than person B. 

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