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Pre Nup for One Direction Zayn

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

It has been reported that Zayn Malik, heart-throb member of boy band One Direction has popped the question to his long term girlfriend from girl band Little Mix, Perrie Edwards.

Perrie had her sparkly diamond engagement ring on display at last night’s world premiere of One Direction’s new film “This is Us” in Leicester Square, as she held hands with her boy band fiancée. The couple were met by thousands of hysterical screaming 1D fans who had flocked from all around the world to see the band, however only a lucky 600 had won golden tickets which enabled them to attend the premiere of their film. News of the engagement has led to Social Media Website, such as Twitter going into meltdown.

It is understood that Zayn romantically proposed to Perrie over the weekend. However, if reports are to be believed, relations between the couple have been seriously strained in the last 6 months amid allegations that Zayn cheated on Perrie with an Australian beauty following a night on the tiles. The Australian waitress allegedly even took pictures of Zayn on her mobile phone whilst they were lying in bed together to proof his infidelity.

With One Direction set to become the world’s first billion dollar boy band courtesy of their new movie and world tour, the big question will be whether Zayn and Perrie enter into Pre-Nuptial Agreements prior to any upcoming wedding to protect their assets. It shouldn’t be overlooked that girl band Little Mix are very successful in their own right after recently storming the US Charts with their latest single “DNA”.

A Pre-Nuptial agreement would enable Zayn and Perrie to plan financially should their marriage breakdown. Although pre-nups are often seen as unromantic or dooming a marriage to failure, in reality marriages do breakdown and having such an agreement in place can avoid the time, expense and animosity often experienced in many Divorce cases. Although pre-nups are enforceable in many countries outside the UK, as it currently stands, pre-nups are not legally binding in England and Wales and cannot be used to oust the jurisdiction of the Divorce Court. However, a principle has been established following the Supreme Court decision in the case of Radmacher – v – Granatino (2010) that the Court should give effect to a Pre-Nuptial agreement that is freely entered into by each party with full appreciation of its implications.

It is not known at this stage whether Zayn and Perrie’s alleged engagement is with a view to them actually getting wed or is simply a show of their love and commitment to each other. Either way, given it is predicated that by the end of the year, 1D will gross £775 million in just 12 months, I suspect Zayn’s personal advisors will be encouraging him to consider a Pre-Nuptial agreement before he goes down that aisle and ties the knot! Watch this space!


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