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Personal Injury Lawyer Tracey Graham on why Slater and Gordon are on your side

In times when we are recovering from the credit crunch, it is understandable that people look for value for money in all matters of life. Finding a ‘bargain’ can generate a feeling of well being and extreme satisfaction.

Beware, however, of the bargain offered for legal services and representation. It can often create hardship and heartache as one lady found out when instructing her local solicitor to act for her.

A Liverpool lady, Leanne Parkinson from Formby, paid a Will Writing firm £700 for services associated with ensuring that her late mother’s Will was appropriately administered so that a family member could receive her mother’s ring following her death. The firm was sadly unregulated, took the money, lost the ring and refused her compensation. It took a year of legal battle to restore some of the payment Ms Parkinson had made. The more crucial issue for this lady was that the ring was a family heirloom, family feuds caused unnecessary stress, and the ring was never recovered. It was a time of ‘hell on earth, she said.

It was indeed a personal tragedy.

There are approximately 3 million users of legal services in Britain each year. It is reported that more than 130,000 providers in England & Wales operate outside the regulated legal industry. The ‘alternative’ market is causing damage to the reputation of those who work within the regulations to provide specialist service.  

Why make it difficult?  At a time when you most want help, reassurance, and specialist representation, why trust an unregulated firm to take on your most personal and precious matter?

Like many regulated firms, Slater and Gordon insists on high service standards, and promotes specialisms in all types of legal claims. As part of an international network we represent clients across a range of areas and our goal is to deliver exceptional, affordable legal services in personal, employment and business affairs. We have an open, friendly and responsive approach to ensuring that our clients’ needs are at the heart of everything we do.  

Bargain hunters will get bargains, but those with a need to fight for justice want representation with honesty and integrity and welcome paying the reasonable fee associated with such a service. Those people want expertise, professionalism and skill. They want lawyers who are on their side.  

This is who we are.

Tracey Graham is a Personal Injury Lawyer based in our Manchester office. Our expert Personal Injury Lawyers have successfully concluded many Serious Injury Claims and we understand how important it is for people to get their life back on track following a serious injury such as a brain, spinal injury or amputation. Our expert Serious Injury Solicitors can help you get back to your pre accident situation as much as possible by providing further assistance so that you have access to the best possible Rehabilitation and support.

If Interim Payments are needed to help you move forward with your life we can help to obtain these, which might go towards the cost of adapting your home or other important activities that will help to improve your quality of life such as physiotherapy. To read more about how we have helped our clients gain access to rehabilitation via utilising the Rehabilitation Code please click here.

Please call our Personal Injury Lawyers on 0800 916 9046 or email for more information on how we can help you.