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Paul Sankey on the complications of Hernia Surgery

I have conducted a number of claims for people who have suffered complications from relatively straightforward Hernia operations. Some complications are nobody’s fault – at times people suffer bleeding, infection or blood clots which are not always preventable.

The most common form of negligent damage I have come across is injury to the testicular artery causing death of the testis. However one of the most serious is damage to the ilio-inguinal nerve, which can become caught in sutures or injured in other ways when the procedure is not performed correctly.

Nerve damage can be very serious because patients can suffer disabling pain. In one current case in the Chelmsford area, a well-known surgeon has left my client in a very serious state, struggling to work and at risk of losing his job. My client had chosen to pay for surgery by an expert in the field but his experience was one of poor care, lamentable aftercare and a devastating outcome. As a high-achieving professional he is not only devastated by his pain and the very significant impact on his daily life, but is currently unable to pursue his career and suffering a substantial loss of income.

I have recently learned that there are other cases in the Chelmsford area arising from Hernia surgery by the same surgeon. This is disturbing because it suggests a pattern of poor care. Whilst some complications cannot be avoided by even by the best surgeons, others simply should not happen. In the meantime there are people struggling with consequences which can be devastating.

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