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Driving Offences Solicitor Paul Reddy on convicted taxi driver's offences

By Practice Group Leader, Road Traffic Defence

Anyone convicted of and punished for committing a crime deserves a second chance to get their life back on track.

Or in the case of Christopher Adam, a 63rd chance, since the 37 year-old father of two has already netted 62 convictions.

Punishment has to go hand in hand with redemption: as a society we hope that those who commit crimes will learn from their mistakes and go on to rebuild their lives without being blighted by events of the past.

But it is a philosophy which begs some discretion, since the crimes a person has committed may suggest their unsuitability to certain jobs or careers. So it is in the case of Christopher Adam.

Christopher Adam wants to be a taxi driver and yet, amongst others, has netted repeated convictions for serious road traffic offences. Not something which would inspire me to let a loved one take a ride in his cab.

Christopher Adam has amassed 18 convictions for Dangerous Driving and Driving Without Insurance and other serious criminal offences.

As lawyers we have a duty to protect the public as far as we are able - and we are failing in our duty by giving this man the green light to drive professionally.

There are plenty of other jobs that he could do and to which he would be much more suited. Driving members of the public around is not one of them.


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