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Facebook over-sharing and its impact on Family Law disputes - Cara Nuttall Senior Solicitor discusses

The dangers of over-sharing on Facebook were again highlighted this week in an American case which has been widely reported on the Internet.

Various news sites, including the Huffington Post, highlight the case in Milwaukee, which has seen a Father face criminal prosecution for failing to pay Child Maintenance, after he posted pictures on the social networking sight of a lavish social life, including one of him rolling on the floor amongst bank notes. The pictures were used as evidence in his prosecution.

The court was able to order Facebook to allow prosecutors full access to the hapless debtors page, from where they were able to acquire enough images to secure a case. The reports suggest that increasingly, information shared on Facebook is used to as key evidence in such proceedings.

The danger of posting on Facebook anything you wouldn’t like to have raised in Court is nothing new, but this case serves as a stark reminder that even if a picture or comment is uploaded in jest, it can have serious consequences in Family Law proceedings. Anyone involved in contentious family disputes is well-advised to think carefully before uploading anything, as trying to explain such things after the event rarely works out well.

By Family Law Solicitor Cara Nuttall.

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