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Employment Solicitor Lauren Hillier - So what has Europe ever done for us.... a water-cooler moment

Nigel: "So we're going to get a referendum on the EU, I can't wait to get out."

Dave: "Yeah - it's about time we showed those Brussels fat cats who's boss."

Nigel: "I mean, all that cash they get just to tell us how bendy our bananas should be. We'd be well off out of it. I mean, what has the EU ever done for us?"  
Dave: "Well, they did give us protection for Agency Workers and part-timers."

Nigel: "Oh yeah, yeah they gave us that. Yeah. That's true."

Dave: "And a right to holiday pay."

Nigel: "Oh yes... holiday pay, that's one good thing I suppose. All right, I'll grant you that holiday pay and protection for part-timers are two things that the EU has done..."

Dave: "And protection of your Employment Rights if your boss sells the business."

Nigel: "Well yes obviously that's important... that goes without saying. But apart from the holiday pay, the protection for part timers and when the business gets sold..."

Dave: "Rest breaks...laws against Discrimination and for your pension if your employer goes bust...compulsory consultation with workers..."

Nigel: "Yes... all right, fair enough..."

Dave: "And Parental for people on fixed-term contracts...the right not to have to work a 100 hour week..."

Nigel: "All right... all right... but apart from parental leave, rules against discrimination, protection for your pension, protection for part timers, agency staff and fixed term workers, protection if your boss sells the business and holiday pay... what has the EU done for us?"

By Employment Solicitor Lauren Hillier