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Family Law Solicitor Cara Nuttall on Separated Parents and their Children at Christmas time

Shops and online retailers are today apparently braced for bumper sales, as predictions suggest that we will all start our Christmas shopping in earnest this week and that the result will be a huge spike in sales today. As I battled my way back from court through the crowds earlier on, it certainly looked as though the predictions could well be right. Sadly however, this week will also mark an increase of enquiries in the Children's Team, as the last-minute Christmas preparations also lead to disputes between separated parents as to the arrangements for the festive period.

Whilst many people leave Separation and financial matters until the new year, Christmas, being a time of year so important to Children, always produces a huge increase in queries over parents anxious to ensure they can see their children and celebrate with them. It is important to explore all possible options for reaching an agreement, as no-one wants the stress and expense of court in the days leading up to Christmas, and there is no right or wrong answer legally. We have many years of experience between us of coming up with all kinds of creative solutions to try and work around everyone's traditions, which is what a court would expect parents to do.

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