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Personal Injury Solicitor Tristan Hallam on the benefits of the Rehabilitation Code following a Spinal Injury Claim

By Principal Lawyer, Occupiers and Public Liability

It is right to say that the Government and various organisations are increasingly ‘cash strapped’. This is a situation we find ourselves in at present.

We are not in as poor a situation as our European neighbours in countries such as Greece however, it is right to say that the situation that we are in at present, is likely to continue for some time despite small percentage rises in economic growth.

The big question that remains to be answered in many cases, is the impact that this is going to have on us all personally.

It is always the most vulnerable who suffer first and hardest and a clear example must be the situation that many who have suffered Spinal Injuries find themselves in at present where having had appropriate treatment, they are then sent, essentially as a stopgap rather than as a convalescence, to homes where there is already the ability to provide nursing care and this generally means homes for the elderly.

This cannot be what Dr Ludwig Guttmann had in mind when he revolutionised the care of those Para- and Tetra-Plegic serviceman that he looked after in the Second World War in Stoke Mandeville, leading to the formation of the Paralympics.

Dr Guttmann appreciated fully the link between mental well being and physical recovery and we now find ourselves where we place those physically disabled in homes for the elderly which cannot for one moment, be conducive towards a positive frame of mind.

It is vitally important that those who are injured receive the appropriate care. The first few weeks and months after an accident can make all the difference both in terms of physical recovery as well as coming to terms with the extent and nature of any disability.

The Rehabilitation Code
agreed by insurers, already provides a requirement for insurance companies to assist financially in a person’s recovery. It is not used as much as it should be.

Insurance companies should be pressed to assist in stepping in at a very early stage following a Severe Injury and to put in place care and assistance once an injured person has left hospital. They will not be able to simply say that the NHS already provides by making use of homes for the elderly. This is not the answer.

There is absolutely no reason why insurance companies should not shoulder the expense in particular, where in the vast majority of cases where people have been injured, there is generally an insurance company against whom assistance under the Rehabilitation Code can be requested.

The benefits of the legal and medical professions working together - fully utilising the Rehabilitation Code 2007 to ensure that clients get the best possible treatment for Rehabilitation and early recovery means patients make as full a recovery as possible.

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