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Family Law Solicitor Georgina Chase discusses the topic of the Groomzilla

By Principal Lawyer, Family Law

It has been reported in The Times that men are becoming the new wedding control freaks, taking over the planning of their celebrations to the extent that they are choosing the bride’s dress and even baking the cake!

Traditionally, the organisation of the big day has been left to the bride and the groom simply had to make it to the church on time; however, increasingly, men are becoming equal partners in the arrangements for the big day and some are taking complete control.Reports before Justin Timberlake’s wedding to Jessica Biel last week alleged that Timberlake had become the definition of a “groomzilla”; choosing the flowers, cake and wine for the wedding and even choosing his wife-to-be’s dress. Personally, I imagine Timberlake had dreamt of his big day for so long that he wanted to become involved in making the day as special as possible for Biel.The Urban Dictionary now includes reference to “groomzilla”, as a “man planning a wedding who becomes over involved, demanding and outrageously hostile about small, irrelevant details”. This definition certainly reminds me of the flamboyant wedding of Anthony and Stanford in Sex and The City 2 which was fabulously over the top with swans galore and Liza Minnelli performing Beyonce’s “Single Ladies (Put a Ring On it)” at the reception! A pair of groomzillas if ever I saw them!


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