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Family Law Solicitor Caroline Harvey discusses the positives of the Cruise & Holmes Divorce

Very wisely he initiated a ‘Pre-nuptial Agreement’ when they married in 2006. This document (which they both signed having taken the requisite advice) prevents Katie from claiming half Tom Cruise’s rumoured $250 million fortune. Instead she will receive three million dollars, it is alleged, for each year they were together, prior to Separation. Her claim has been calculated by US lawyers at fifteen million dollars, as they stuck it out for five years (not bad in Hollywood). 

Neither party can claim anything from their respective individual earnings from movies and other projects they’ve worked on post separation. Had the marriage lasted 11 years or more, Holmes would have received half Cruise’s money. It’s a fairly safe bet Cruise must be thinking that despite the likely whopping Child Support he will have to pay for their child, Suri, he must be feeling more than glad he was thinking sensibly 6 years ago!

At present there is no suggestion that either party are seeking to depart from the Agreement, and challenge it, but such things have been known. Providing the parties had full legal advice before signing the document and had disclosure of the Matrimonial Assets (both their own and each others) and entered willingly and freely into the Agreement then a successful application to set it aside is most unlikely. Also as neither party is likely to be short of money in the future and it is the case that their income / assets are in millions rather than thousands, its unlikely a Court would be concerned about their ability to financially survive!

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