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Clinical Negligence Solicitor Rebecca Brown on a Hospital Negligence Claim

This week I have settled a Hospital Negligence Claim on behalf of a patient who underwent surgery at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge and had surgical equipment left inside him after the procedure.
In September 2011, Michael O’Sullivan underwent a liver transplant at Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge. He later had to undergo a CT scan which returned abnormal results and doctors instructed that another operation would be necessary. During that procedure the doctors found a piece of surgical equipment, known as a Lapromat, inside Mr. O’Sullivan. A report from the hospital identified numerous failings which had resulted in the Lapromat not being removed during the transplant surgery. The ordeal has been incredibly stressful for Mr. O’Sullivan, whose health could have been endangered by the mistake. I have been working with Mr O'Sullivan since May and this week I secured £7,000 compensation for him from Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. The Trust was also put under pressure last weekend over the revelation of several other bodged operations. This included an eye surgery which was carried out on the wrong patient. This story was featured by the BBC over last weekend. Monitor, a health watchdog, have ordered the Trust to commission a governance and effectiveness review as a result.
When we go to hospital for surgery, we rightly expect the highest standards of healthcare and professionalism. These standards were not upheld when Mr O'Sullivan had his liver transplant at Addenbrookes. The award of compensation is relief for someone whose health could have been endangered by carelessness. I hope that the resolution of this case, as well of those of others who have brought actions against Cambridge University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, will serve to protect patients in the future.

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