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Trainee Solicitor Charlotte Brinsley helps launch Legal Advice Scheme

Charlotte Brinsley has helped to launch a scheme providing families with free legal advice while giving law students work experience. She has teamed up with the Manchester College of Law to set up a service at the Family Legal Advice Clinic, Openshaw, Manchester. It is designed to allow two students from the College of Law to meet members of the public each week to discuss their Family Law issues, such as Divorce or Child Custody matters. The students will then bring their notes back to our offices, where our Family Lawyers will discuss the best initial advice to give. Students will also be trained in writing letters to the families they are advising. Charlotte played a key role in setting up the scheme and said:“As a student at the College of Law, the one thing that I really needed was practical work experience and this seemed like a perfect opportunity to give students the chance to meet clients while being supervised by the team at our offices. Originally I was going to carry out the pro bono work myself but this way I think more people will benefit.” Paul Roebuck, pro bono co-ordinator at the College of Law, said: “This important new service will not only help the students to hone their practical legal skills but also instil in them a sense of responsibility to those in society who are most in need.” The scheme took off last week and already it’s progressing well and making a good impression on the students and the public.

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