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Family Law Solicitor Kirsten Grotte discusses the new Phone App encouraging Adultery

It has been recently reported in the Daily Mail that a new phone app has been invented to assist those who wish to hide text messages from their partner or spouse being sent to other women or men, click here to view article. In recent years as technology has improved, Divorce Solicitors have seen cited in Divorce petitions, examples of unreasonable behaviour as a result of one spouse being caught out on social networking sites such as Facebook. Examples include private messages to other men or women and revealing photos from work nights out. Whilst mobile phones, laptops and computers have undoubtedly enhanced people’s lives, there are also dangers in their use which have contributed to the Relationship Breakdown. The court’s have been encouraged by solicitors to accept evidence from emails, text messages and private messages on social networking sites in divorce and Finance cases to support their arguments. It will be interesting to see how popular this new app becomes and the impact it will have on future divorce cases.

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