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Health Risks with Laser Printers discussed by Personal Injury Solicitor

Professor Lidia Morawska published a paper on 22nd June 2011 raising the issue of whether sitting close to an office laser printer which is in heavy use can cause illness.

Researches have shown that laser printing creates a shower of tiny particles which remain in the air and can be inhaled deep into the lungs. Queensland University of Technology, where the professor works, started investigating this issue in 2007.

When the printer toner passes over the hot printer roller chemicals known as volatile organic compounds are released into the air. These react with ozone in the air and condense to make ultra-fine particles.

A Federal Government-commissioned study found that high levels of these particles can bring on asthma attacks in people with the condition and worsen heart disease. However, large scale studies are needed in order to firm up the evidence.

Safe Work Australia has commissioned two projects to specifically examine the potential health risks from laser printer emissions. In the interim, the advice is:

  • Make sure the office is well-ventilated with air from outside.
  • Locate heavily-used printers in well-ventilated areas away from people.
  • Avoid standing over the printer as it prints.

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By Simon Allen, Personal Injury Expert.