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Medical Negligence Solicitor Paul Sankey discusses NHS Reforms and Patient Care: Staff are worried..

With or without a change in the Health Minister will the government’s NHS reforms improve patient care? A recent survey by the Guardian suggests the NHS professionals remain concerned. 90% were unable to say they knew how the reforms would be implemented and many used words such as ‘confused’, ‘muddled’ and ‘concerned’. Only 8.2% thought the reforms would improve outcomes for patients.
One of the most concerning findings was that more than 90% thought increased ‘bed-blocking’ – patients not being discharged for lack of social care outside hospital – would increase. The estimated cost to the NHS is £18.5 million per month.
Those taking part were members of the Guardian’s healthcare network and one would expect them to include a higher percentage of critics of the government than average. However the views came from people in a wide range of roles from chief executives to nursing staff and their concerns reflect those of other bodies such as the British Medical Association, medical groups and patient charities.
The key test of the government’s reforms will be whether patient care improves. At present 1 in 10 patients are thought to suffer an avoidable medical accident in hospital. These are the government’s own figures and they are deeply shocking. Working with people who have been injured – and at times severely disabled – by negligent medical errors, achieving the best levels of patient care must be a priority.

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