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Family Law Specialist Cara Nuttall on Pre Nuptial Agreements

In a recent interview with Hello! magazine, John Cleese detailed the debates he and new wife, Jennifer Wade, had over whether or not to have a Pre-Nuptial Agreement before their marriage in the Caribbean 2 weeks ago.

Their discussions appear to have covered many of the issues with which engaged couples grapple with when trying to decide whether or not a Pre-Nup is right for them. Cleese is reported as feeling that such arrangements are 'unromantic' and was reportedly minded to avoid one as a matter of principal, despite 3 previous divorces, costing him in excess of £16million. He has even joked about having to return to work in order to fund his most recent divorce (in 2009), after embarking on his 'Alimony Tour' stand-up show, which he claimed was necessary to fund the annual maintenance payments due to his third wife.

It is then reported that Ms Wade wanted a Pre-Nup as a gesture to Mr Cleese and others that she was not interested in money and would not be seeking a large pay-out in the event the marriage were to fail. As is common for second or third marriages, or first marriages later in life, it is also suggested that there were discussions as to whether a Pre-Nup would be useful to separate out matrimonial and pre-acquired wealth held by both parties.

It appears that Mr Cleese may have been swayed as to the virtues of a Pre-Nup after being informed by Family Lawyers that in Monaco, where he and Ms. Wade are now based, Ms. Wade risked not being sufficiently protected without one.

The interview highlights the various pros and cons of entering into a Pre-Nup and the kind of issues which need to be weighed up when deciding whether it is right for any given couple. There are a multitude of emotional, cultural and legal issues which need to be considered and addressed, which should be factored into any document when it is drafted. Anyone considering whether or not to enter into a Pre-Nup is advised to seek specialist legal advice, given the complexities involved.

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